The City Vault would like to invite you to the advance movie screening of Dumb and Dumber To on November 12th at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are FREE but expected to go quickly. You must have a ticket to attend this screening but a ticket does not guarantee seating–seating is first come, first served —GET THERE EARLY



20 years after the dimwits set out on their first adventure, they head out in search of one of their long lost children in the hope of gaining a new kidney.

Release dateNovember 14, 2014 (USA)
DirectorsPeter FarrellyBobby Farrelly
PrequelDumb and Dumber
ScreenplayPeter FarrellyMike CerroneJohn MorrisBennett Yellin,Bobby FarrellySean Anders
Production companiesRed Granite PicturesNew Line Cinema



2 tickets please

2 please

2 tickets please.

Lathaniel here. Let’s do this tCV!

I would love 2 tickets.

I want passes!!!

2 passes please. It’s been too long since I have seen Harry and Lloyd.

hook me up. thanks!

I can’t wait to see this one.

2 passes Please!!

I would like two tickets..please!

Domanique Cummings


Can I have two tickets please.


I would like 2 passes.

Here’s the comment.

2 tickets please

2 tickets please and thanks!

two passes please!!!

I want 2 tickets

I would like 2 passes PLEASE!

Love to see this – 20 years in the making!

So tickets? 2? Maybe?

2 passes DC please

I would like 2 passes thx

Would love 2 tkts

I would love 2 passes please

2 tickets please!

This looks just as funny as the first one!!!

Please may I have 2 tickets. Date night!

Whoo hoo. Can’t wait to see this.

I would like two tickets please. Thanks!


2 tickets please

I would love passes to dumb and dumber to.

I would love two passes, please.

I would love one pass to see this please! Can’t wait to see this hilarious film!…Thank you!

Two for DC please and thank you!

2 tickets pretty please!

I need some laughter in my life right now, so I would love to have two tickets PLEASE!


I would love 2 tickets please!

2 tickets for the DC showing please!

Claudia C. Vasquez

Please let me have some passes! I like it a lot!

2 passes – thank you

Give me some tickets

Big Jim Carrey fan, two tickets please.

two please

2 Passes. Thank You!!!!

2 tickets please!

I can’t believe they made a part 2. Gotta see it! Two tix, please!!!

2 for DC

I’d love 2 tix please!

I can’t wait for this sequel. Two for me, please

2 please. Thanks!

I’ve got no food, we got no jobs… my PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF! I need these tickets

I’ve got no food, I’ve got no jobs… my PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF! I need these tickets

Two Tickets Please!

2 tickets please. this is a great cast!

2 please

Two passes! I Would be forever grateful!

2 tickets please!!

Two passes. Thanks!

2 passes please!

2 passes please & thanks!

Can’t wait!
two needed.

I have got to see this…2 passes please.
Thank you.

I’d love to passes to see this. Looks to be really crazy.

I would be SOOOO excited to get two tickets to this!

I would LOVE two tickets to this! Thank you!!

Two tickets please!

Two passes please. Thank you.

“Hotties a 1:00!” WHY DO WE hAVE TO WAIT 2 HOURS!!!!

2 tickets please

Need 2 passes. I loved the first movie!! 90’s generation baby

2 passes please!

Would love some tickets!

Would love a pair of passes. Thanks!

2 passes please

2 passes please and thank you.

2 passes please

2 tickets please

I’d like 2 tickets please.

2 Passes please, thanks!!

I would love 2 tickets to see this

Two passes please. Thank you.

Two tickets please. Thanks

Carmelita De Castro

2 passes please!!! Thanks.

2 passes please

2 tickets PLEASE….

2 Tickets Please

2 tickets please. Thanks!

I’d love to see this movie!!! I hope there’s better than a one in a million chance!

2 passes, thank you.

Two tickets, please.

Hello, I would greatly appreciate passes for Washington DC screening.
Thank you.

This would be a hoot!!

2 passes, please.

Would like to see if this lives up to original…

2 tickets please to hear the most annoying sound in the world again!

would like a pass please!

I would like to request a pair of passes, thank you.

Two passes please so we can feel like we are in the movie with the TWO!!!!

Two passes please

2 passes please!

Two tickets plz!!! I have been watching the first film since I was a child and would love to see part two in theaters asap!!!

2 passes please!!!!

2 passes please!

May I have 1 pass please?

Please, all I need is one ticket! I’ve been dying to see the movie, it looks hilarious. I’ve also been a Jim fan all my life. Please it would be the best thanksgiving gift!

This will be a blessing, thanksgiving gift. I’ve been a Jim fan all my life. Just one ticket will make my day better. Please. I’m excited to see this movie!

2 passes thanks!

2 passes please. Thank you

2 tickets please

Two tickets please

Loved the original.

The most annoying sound in the world? The sound of not getting a ticket to this show!

This looks hysterical!! Would love to see it.

2 passes please

two tickets please

2 tickets please

Two passes please.

Can’t wait to see it!!

2 passes please! Thanks

I would like 2 tickets please!

I would like two tickets please

2 tickets please

2 for dc please

Two passes please

2 tix please

2 passes please! Thanks the city vault.

I would love two tickets to this show!

Would love to see this with the hubby on date night!!

2 passes please

2 tickets pls 🙂

2 DC please

Ive been a fan since day one! two passes please! Thank you.

2 passes please.

1 ticket please.

4 tickets please

4 tickets please

2 Tickets Please

2 tickets please!

2 tickets please

2 tickets please!

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