The City Vault would like to invite you to the advance movie screening of Kill The Messenger on October 8th at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are FREE but expected to go quickly. You must have a ticket to attend this screening but a ticket does not guarantee seating–seating is first come, first served —GET THERE EARLY



This is a dramatic thriller based on the remarkable true story of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb. Webb stumbles onto a story which leads to the shady origins of the men who started the crack epidemic on the nation’s streets…and further alleges that the CIA was aware of major dealers who were smuggling cocaine into the U.S., and using the profits to arm rebels fighting in Nicaragua. Despite warnings from drug kingpins and CIA operatives to stop his investigation, Webb keeps digging to uncover a conspiracy with explosive implications. His journey takes him from the prisons of California to the villages of Nicaragua to the highest corridors of power in Washington, D.C. – and draws the kind of attention that threatens not just his career, but his family and his life.

Release dateOctober 10, 2014 (USA)
DirectorMichael Cuesta
Adapted fromDark Alliance
Music composed byNathan Johnson
Story byGary WebbNick Schou





2 passes please.

1 ticket please

2 please

I’d love two tickets! Thanks.

Passes please

I’d love to check this out!

I would like two passes please

2 passes please

2 passes please

Any comment? Okay… 42

2 passes please. Thanks!

2 passes please. Thank you!

2 passes please Look like a very interesting movie!!

Yes please!!
2 passes.
🙂 Thanks

Definitely want 2 passes for this movie! It looks good.

2 passes please! My boyfriend and I are dying to see it!

2 passes please!

Whoops! My other post went through. Would you please delete this one?


Would like some passes please!

I would love to get passes for this movie seems very interesting

Brandon McKenzie-Freeman

2 passes

passes please 🙂

I would like 2 passes! Thanks.

I would appreciate tickets, love Jeremy Renner

2 passes please

Two DC passes please

2 tickets please!!!!

Please consider this request for passes to the DC screening of KILL THE MESSENGER. Thanks

Can I have a free pass

2 passes please! Pamt loves Jeremy Renner!

I will like to win passes to this screening please!

2 Passes please!!!

2 passes please

2 passes please for the show

two passes in the DC Metro area Thanks

2 passes, please.

Thanks! 🙂

1 pass please

Two passes please. Thank you.

Two please, Thanks

Two for the movie.

would kinderly like to be considered for 2 tickets to see ‘kill the messager’ on 8 Oct 14, 7:30pm Gallery Place. Thank you

2 tickets please.

Big fan of Jeremy Renner ! Would love to see it!

2 please

2 passes for DC please.

Too bad this story hadn’t been told in this fashion years ago.

2 please!

2 passes. Thanks!!!

Would love to see this please. thanks

Two tickets, please.

Sounds interesting! Would love to see it.
Please if possible, 2 passes.
Thank You!

Two passes

Two please

Sounds Interesting! Please 2 passes, thank you.

two please

two please

Tickets in dc regal please. tHX FOR THE CONSIDERATION!!!

Looks like a good one!

Thank you.

Huge fan of Jeremy Renner, and since Dhammer, would love to receive passes. Thanks!!

Two passes for The Messenger, please!

Passes for The Messenger, please!

2 please for the Messenger!

Tickets please 2 !!! )~

two tickets for Washington DC or Silver Spring area – please.

two passes please? in Washington DC.

Shacarra Chandler

I want to see this movie!

I would like 2 tickets please! Thanks!

Two tickets, please! Thank you!

2 tickets please

would love tickets

Jennifer Crawford

2 tixs plz

would love tickets and excited about it

Vivian Mae Finkelstein

Would love 2 passes please

Would love 2 passes. Cheers,

This looks like a very good movie to watch. I would appreciate a couple of tickets to see this film. Thanks, for all your help

I would like two passes please.

2 tickets please.

I would like to request two passes please, thank you City Vault!

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