The City Vault would like to invite you to the free advance screening of BlackHat on January 13th at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are FREE but expected to go quickly. You must have a ticket to attend this screening but a ticket does not guarantee seating–seating is first come, first served —GET THERE EARLY

Please comment below if you would like the chance to attend this screening. Only Winners will be contacted.


A furloughed convict joins forces with American and Chinese partners to track down a high-level, international cybercrime network.

Release dateJanuary 16, 2015 (USA)
DirectorMichael Mann
CinematographyStuart Dryburgh
ScreenplayMichael MannMorgan Davis Foehl
Music composed byHarry Gregson-WilliamsAtticus Ross



Yes please!

want see it !!

Would love some passes!

I’d love to go!

I would like would like the chance to attend this screening. 2 tickets please

Looks like a good movie

Yes, I would like to attend in DC. Thanks!

I’d love tickets! Thank you so much!

Definitely want to see this!

Pretty willing to spend 2 hours with Liam in DC! Thanks!

*raises hand* please and thank you

2 tickets please!

May I have two passes please. Thank you.

Please please please please please! I’ve been itching to see this movie forever!!!

Count me in!

Would love a chance to see this movie! Gracias 🙂

Yes please!

May I please have passes for this screening? Thanks!

Two for DC please!

Would love to see blackhat. Michael Mann is back!!!

Two tickets please

Carmelita De Castro

I would like to join the contest. Thank you.

The movie looks great.

Would love to see this movie

Would love to see Chris Hemsworth in action

I’d like two tickets to see Black Hat please.

I will love to have passes to see this screening please.

I’d like 2 tickets to this screening please! Thanks so much. =)

I would love passes please!

I would like some tix! Thanks for putting on this screening.

Two tickets please!

Yes, please. A chance to see Chris!

I’d like a pass, please. Thanks!

i’d like to go

I’d love to see this )))) Thanks!

I would like tickets please

Brittany Harvey

I would love to see this movie!


Would love to go!

This movie seems great. I’d love some passes!

I would love tickets!

DC yes please.

Woo Hoo a new Chris H movie looking forward to that

I would love to go!

Two for DC please!

I would like to have two passes, please!

Yes please for passes. Intriguing movie.

Two for DC please

yes!!!!This movie’s plot contains all that I want in a movie!!!Two passes please!!!!

This movie reads like it will be good; would love a pass to see it. Thanx.

i would love 2 passes please

I would welcome one pass to the screening of Blackhat on Tuesday, January 13th, at 7:30pm at Regal Gallery Theatre in Washington, DC. Thank you.

Loveee Brad Pitt, Two ticketss for me and my bestie

Tawanna Littlejohn

I wuld love to see this movie. Please and Thank you

Tawanna Littlejohn


I would love passes to this movie!

Yes, please! 2 tix would be great 🙂

I would be delighted to attend this screening.

Passes would be great!

Would love to see this film. Can I please get two passes to this screening

Would like to see this one.

Hey! I wanna see the movie. Gimme passes.

Two passes please and thank you!

Id like 2 tickets please.

Would love to Chris in a different role!

DC, 2 passes please

If love the opportunity to go. Thanks for the chance.

Thx for opportunity CityVault to get passes. Michael Mann does Dark Web….I’m stoked!!!!

Send the passes. I’m halfway there.

Would love to attend the screening in DC.

I would love to have two passes to see the screening of Blackhat please.

I would like passes for this, pelase. And thank you.

Yes, tickets in DC please

This movie sounds right up my alley! Would love to see it with a plus one:)

Yes please, I tweeted also 🙂

Oh yeah…..I want to see this!

I would like to attend the screening.

i would like to see this movie

2 passes please!

Maria Pirovolikos

i would like passes please

I would like the passes!! Thank you

2 passes please

yes, please! thank you

would look yo see this movie

2 tickets please

would like to go!

i would like to attend

I would like to attend.

Yes. I would like to go.

two tickets please

Looks great! Hope to see this screening!

I would love tickets


This looks like it would be good! Two tickets please!

Yes, please!

I would like to go!

Two tickets PLEASE…DC BABY

Two tickets for DC please and thank you!

I would love that! 2 Tickets, please!

Pick me! I would love to see this movie !!!

Yes would like passes

Would like to attend this screening!

Justin Breitschopf

2 tickets please

please 2 tickets 🙂

2 tickets please 🙂

Yes would love to see this

I was just saying how I want to see this movie!

I would love to see this movie

I’d love 2 tickets to see this!

Yes, 2 tix

Would like to request a pair of passes. Thank you City Vault!

I would love to see this!

Can I get two tickets please? Thanks.

I’d like 2 tickets please.

Hi! Could I please get 2 tickets for this movie? I really want to watch this movie!! Thank you!

2 tickets for DC screening please!!! I would really love it for my birthday!

Elizabeth Castillo

hi, I would like 2 tickets please! 🙂 Thank you and have a wonderful day!

2 passes please thanks

Me me me pick moi !!!

On my list to see

I am a huge Michael Mann fan…..cant wait to ser this!!

Thank you for the chance to win passes!

Please disregard entry. A friend is sharing her pass with me. Thanks again!

I would love two passes! This movie looks awesome!

I want a pass

2 passes pls!!!

Tickets!! Yes please! 🙂

Gotta have tickets!!

BlackHat…Washington, DC

Chandra M. Champion

I would like to attend the screening – thank you!

I’d like to see BLACKHAT in DC please?

Yes, I would love to see this movie, 2 passes please.

I want to go to there.

Dying to see this movie!

Would love to see this in DC! Thanks

I want to win!

Two passes please

I am interested! Two tickets please!!!

Two passes for this screening in DC at Gallery Place would be great. Thanks.

I’d love tickets!

two passes please, thanks!

2 passes please

Yes I would like to see

2 passes please

Pick me!

Passes for 2—DC Thanks, looks very good

Two tickets please!

Giovannie Alexander

Looks good.

Michael Mann has some great films. Heat is his best. I really want to see BlackHat. Please let me get two passes to the screening in DC. Thanks!

I would love to get passes for this. Tks

I am a college film student and would love to go to the screening of this film!

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