We are baaack… yayyyy! This edition of Adult Play Date is Back 2 School! We’ll be popping up at College Park Academy on November 23rd for games, bites, music, and activities.



When was the last time you played? No. I mean really played? During our childhood some of our fondest memories took place on the black top or in our backyard’s playing games like kickball and freeze tag. Unfortunately, as adults our favorite pastimes were replaced by a 9-5. But, Where is the fun? 

The Adult Play Date (APD)  is a play movement in the form of a Big Kid Playground designed for adults to unleash their inner child by playing games like Tag, Wacky Relay Races and so much more! Accompanied with healthy bites, great music and fun interactive activities, we are destined to have a great time! 



***Check back daily for APD updates***

P.E. Class.- I mean…Is a description really necessary? lol Relay Races, Flag Tag, Double Dutch, Crab Soccer and an Obstacle Course powered byCaliRev.

Music Class- Have fun learning and performing a song or two while playing musical instruments with your friends. Instruction led by Bach 2 Rock Bethesda

Art class- Ignite your creativity and your inner Picasso at APD ART 101 Powered by Artists & Craftsman Supply.

Science class-  Step inside a real-life Magic School Bus! Take your shot at one of thirteen unique STEAM-based roles to keep you and your team alive as you traverse the Solar System. Station Powered by Explore Museum

Become a scientist for the day with our hands on 3D pen demo and leave with your personally designed sunglasses Powered by Calli.

Detention- If you misbehave at APD you’ll end up in detention. But don’t worry our detention is a bit different 🙂 . Figure out how to escape so you can rejoin the fun! Powered by Escape Room Arlington

Yearbook photos- Visit our Photo Booth station to take your pics for the APD graduating class of 2019!

Live DJ

An opportunity to have fun with old friends while making new ones!

***This list may change without notice


Click the button above or visit AdultPlayDateDc.com for more details and ticket purchase!




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