The City Vault would like to invite you to the Advance Movie Screening of “Glass” on January 15th in Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD at 7:00 pm .

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  • List below in the comment section the answer to the following question: What makes someone a Hero or Villain? Please also list which screening location you would like to attend …. DC or MD?



M. Night Shyamalan brings together the narratives of two of his standout originals—2000’s Unbreakable, from Touchstone, and 2016’s Split, from Universal—in one explosive, all-new comic-book thriller: Glass. From Unbreakable, Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn as does Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. Glass. Joining from Split are James McAvoy, reprising his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities who reside within, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the only captive to survive an encounter with The Beast. Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men.



A hero is someone that selfless. Who does the right thing when no one is looking. A villian is a selfish person.

DC screening please.

a hero thinks of others first Baltimore please

A hero thinks of everyone else before themselves, while a villain is only concerned about themselves by any means necessary. Baltimore Please

2 tickets to Glass @ Cinemark Egyptian Arundel Mills.

What makes a hero? Well IMO.. a dog has 7 puppies. At first they all seem healthy, eating, ect.. then out of the blue, the little guy (runt) is being shunned by his mother. She won’t feed him or keep him warm. So I take this person takes it upon themselves to try and take care of this beautiful Animal. He bottle feeds him, burps him, rubs his little belly to help him use the bathroom & keeps him warm. Unfortunately the little guy is just too far gone by the time this hero trys to save him.. But it doesn’t matter, he’s there with him till the very end, doing everything & anything to help the puppy stay comfortable his last few hours. Little Kylo ended up passing about 4 dAys after he became sick, but my son did everything he could to make sure he wasn’t alone. So he’s my hero for that.

There is no difference because to me sometimes the villian is always someones heroe. Like who doesn’t root for Scarface?

A hero is someone who commits a selfless act to help others. A villain is someone who does something to harm others and takes pleasure in the act.

A hero is someone who puts themselves before others. A villian only thinks of themselves.

A hero is someone who commits a selfless act to help others. A villain is someone who harms others and takes pleasure in doing so. Maryland.

A Hero is selfless. A villain is selfish.

Baltimore, Md.

I think the general consensus is that a hero is someone who thinks of others before themselves. Someone who performs acts of kindness without intention of personal gain. However, in my opinion, the definition of villain is more complicated. It’s a little less black and white as to why someone does something deemed “bad” by society.
MD screening, please!

A Hero is someone who does something for the benefit or safety of others without looking for the recognition as a reward . A villain is one who will destroy for their own benefit.
Baltimore, Maryland

Heros fight for what is good and honorable while villains reject good and finds pleasure in destruction Baltimore screening please

capes make heros


A HERO is someone who is selfless, thinks of others, 1st, before themselves, Baltimore, MD passes, Please.

A hero is someone who makes sandwiches. Because heroes.

Saving a cheerleader is what makes a hero….Joking! I think having super human abilities and how those abilities are used is what defines a hero or villain.

What makes a person a hero is having smarts, strength, determination and love. They have to have the ability to help people so that means they need to have compassion for all things living.

A hero is a selfless person. He/she is someone who never thinks about self and is welling to save others in the blink of an eye.

Hero… one who puts others before them. One who is st the right place and helps others without thinking about it twice. Once who steps up to the plate regardless of tresituation/moment

A hero is a person that shows selfless service and there to help a person in need.
DC plz

The label of either changes with the people directly impacted by the person. One, who some call hero, may be a villain to the people impacted by the hero’s actions. Whereas the one called villain, may be called a hero by the people that villain has helped. There’s no definitive answer, because there’s no universal sense of morality.

Justin Breitschopf

DC. A hero is someone who is selfless and does not seek recognition for good deeds

DC. A Hero is admired for going above and beyond, saving people. A Villain is the sly, nasty one you want to kill. DC

A hero would be someone who always tries to help and do the right thing.
A villain is someone who for one reason or another wants to get revenge on others
#DC please

A hero is a person who does for others selflessly. The hero usually saves the day and restore peace and hope. A villian cause harm and distress. Baltimore please.

A hero comes and saves the day without wanting a reward or recognition of tbe selfless act… A villian is someone who reeks havoc on a society for the mere pleasure of making people scared or suffer

baltimore, md plz

I would like a pass please!

A hero is a person who put others first and is the ultimate selfless being.

A villain, blinded by ambition, will always destroy opposed to a hero’s build.

A hero is someone who commits a selfless act to help others. A villain is someone who does something to harm others and takes pleasure in the act.
Washington, DC

A hero gives selflessly with no reward and loves everyone while bringing joy and life to everything and a villain takes selflessly with personal gain destroying everything it touches.

Heroes help people and stop villains. Villains hurt people and help them self.
Tickets for MD please

A hero puts him/herself on the back burner to save others.Inwould like the dc location

I agree with Tyler Pursley. His son is the definition of a hero. They can have my tixs if I win.


What makes someone a Hero or Villain? Their character makes someone a hero (compassion for others) or villain (hatred for others).
I would like to attend DC location

What makes someone a Hero or Villain? Their character makes someone a hero (compassion for others) or villain (hatred for others).
I would like to attend DC location

A hero stands for what’s right and for peace. Willing to do whatever it takes to dispel all things of evil intent.
Baltimore screening pls

A Hero is thoughtful and wants the world to be a better place for all. Goes above and beyond without thought of oneself…
A Villian is the opposite does evil deeds and acts just like Trump….


Maryland screening.

To be a villain, you have to go against the grain of the plot.

A hero is someone who saves the day or someone else. A villain is someone who makes the day miserable or make someone else miserable.

A hero is someone who saves the day or someone else. A villain is someone who makes the day miserable or make someone else miserable. Baltimore, Hanover.

A hero usually does it for a noble cause

A hero is someone who is willing to put there life on the line for a greater purpose. Someone who is willing to take risks to save others. A villain is a person who does things for selfish reasons and puts themselves before others. They usually don’t care how their actions affect others. Maryland!!!!

A hero and villain have both been through pain and or suffering. It’s how they choose to move after such pain and suffering determines their path, good vs evil!

A hero is someone who is selfless and does not want recognition for good deeds they have done. – DC

A hero that puts others first. Baltimore please

Janet Charlene Wilkie


What you stand for determines whether or not you are they hero or the villain

A hero sacrifices him/herself to lift others up.
A villain causes suffering for selfish reasons.
MD screening

Baltimore, MD please

A hero thinks only about helping others and possesses positive energy while a villain thinks only about themselves and harnesses only negative energy.

Baltimore/Hanover please

A hero thinks only about others and a villain thinks about only one’s self. A hero posseses positivecenergy while a villain harnessses only negative energy.

A hero is someone who puts others first and commits selfless acts to help those in need. A villain is someone who puts themselves first and commits acts that harms others.
Hanover, MD please

A hero is someone who has the ability to impacts somebody’s life for the better and does it, even in the face of danger. A villain is the polar opposite of a hero. Baltimore, MD passes please.

A person is a hero if they do something extraordinary or challenges adversity to do what is right or stand up for self and others. A villain is someone who does whatever it takes to satisfy self or destroy anything that challenges their distorted existence or reality.
MD please and thank you

A hero is someone who puts the well being of others before their own.


A hero is someone that helps even when it’s hard. Prioritizes the greater good or others instead of themselves. Villains are all about personal gain and at times havoc.

Washington DC please!!!!

A hero is someone who stands up for themselves or others in the face of adversity. A villain is someone who will destroy or take whatever measures fill selfish needs. They will work to remain in their skewed reality.

MD please and thank you

A hero saves a villain takes away

A hero is someone who does good for themselves and others despite challenges. They represent strength and admirable qualities. Villain works with hate and anger to challenge good And have darkness and evil control.

MD please

Baltimore: A hero is one who puts aside one’s selfish intent to do the ‘right’ thing. A hero isn’t made, they are born that way. They struggle with everyday life to choose the oath of their destiny (hero/villain or good/evil). A villain goes against the norm. Some may call a villain evil but could it be that they have another perspective of things but the message gets lost in the delivery?

A superhero is bad/flawed but does all he/she can to do good. A villain is the opposite. Hanover/Baltimore pullease!

Baltimore, MD

A hero is somebody doing the right thing even when they are afraid. A villain is only out for themself. Baltimore please!

A hero always put good before evil. He or she is selfless and shuns glorification for his/her good endeavors.

Baltimore, MD: Egyptian Cinemark

A hero is someone who helps others, no matter the sacrifice. A villain is someone who causes harm and hurt to others.

Maryland tickets please!

A Hero is someone who puts the safety of others above his own. Baltimore, MD

A villian is the opposite of a hero.
Baltimore Tickets please

DC please!
A villain doesn’t think about anyone else but only what they want. A hero helps others even when it might hurt themselves

A hero is someone that is courageous and doesn’t think about themselves and cares about others.
Tickets in Washignton DC plse

A villain is someone who does things only thinking about themselves and what they could gain from it, regardless of the harm it may do to those around them. Baltimore!

Their heart and deeds.

A hero saves a villain preys.

What makes someone a villain is one has in his or her mind that they can take over the world and make everyone just believe In them no one else no matter how wrong it is and what makes a hero is one who will save lives no matter what. They wanna do good dispite what people try to do

A hero is someone who wears a cape.

DC please.

A hero is someone who springs into action to aid or help someone without thinking about themselves and does not think about any glory or self promotion
about what they have done. They do best by the community and for the community and not about status.
Cinemark, Hanover, MD please.

A Hero is someone who accomplishes the main goal. The villain is most likely the one who tries to obstruct and interfere. However, you also have likable villains who may even help the hero in the end.

DC Screening. Thank you.

What makes a hero is the ability of self sacrifice, the ability to put someone else ahead of the person’s own needs. To protect another without any malicious intent. Also, formative events, abilities, influence of family and friends, actions, and moral fortitude don’t hurt either. Also, the perspective of the storyteller is an important factor to consider. Baltimore, MD, please.

To me a hero is someone who appreciates the world that they live in, and thus would want to insure that future generations have a future to live in. That person would be a world hero to me!
I would love to have a pair of tickets for the Cinemark Egyptian theater in Baltimore.

Thank you!

DC, there is a thin line between being a hero and being a villain. Thanos is a villain yet he really believed what he was doing was for the betterment of the world. The Joker didn’t believe that people really cared about each other at his core. On the other side, is it good for a hero to ignore law and order to do what he wants like Batman or the Avengers?

I think the ultimate difference is if what they do actually helps or harms society.

Their actions.

Washington DC or Silver Spring MD

MD – Hanover MD Screening
What makes someone a Hero or Villain?
Hero’s are trying to help or protect people. Villains are looking for either their own gain in power or money, or just want to destroy people or heroes for their own reasons, like revenge.

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