The City Vault would like to invite you to the advance movie screening of Dracula Untold on October 7th at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are FREE but expected to go quickly. You must have a ticket to attend this screening but a ticket does not guarantee seating–seating is first come, first served —GET THERE EARLY.



Explores the origin of Dracula, weaving vampire mythology with the true history of Prince Vlad the Impaler, depicting Dracula as a flawed hero in a tragic love story set in a dark age of magic and war.

Release dateOctober 10, 2014 (USA)
DirectorGary Shore
Adapted fromDracula
Music composed byRamin Djawadi
ScreenplayMatt SazamaBurk Sharpless





Would love some passes! The movie looks great.

2 tickets please

Nkosazana Bambata

Please give me passesssssss!!

Charles Dance is in it? Count me in!

Anthony Jefferson

Two tickets please.

I whole love to go!

Can’t wait! Please send 2 tickets!

2 please


I would love to see this movie! 2 passes please!

This looks like a very intriquing movie and I cant wait to see it.

Looks interesting. Would love to check it out!

2 please

Would love to see this movie with a friend 🙂 Thanks!

oh no. Vampires strike again… would love to have 2 tickets to see it..

Would love 2 passes please! 🙂

I want passes please!

I miss vampires, so excited to see this one. 2 please. Thank you.

Would love to see this movie!

I would love to see this!
2 please

Ralph Anthony Durant

Heard this was going to be awesome! Would love to see it!

I would like to go !

2 please

Would love 2 tickets please!!! Thanks!

Can’t wait to see what they do with this

I want to see Dracula: Untold!

Tickets Please….

Yay, passes please

2 passes please

I’m excited to see Dracula.

I’d like passes

2 please!

I would appreciate 2 passes as well please!

I would like passes to see Dracula tomorrow!

2 tix, pls!

Would love 2 passes please! Thanks!!

I would love to see this movie 🙂

Would love to see this movie. It sounds like it will be great.

I want to see it!

Arnold Kuperstein

My favorite character!

I would luv to see this

would love to see Luke Evans as Dracula!!

Would love some passes.

Would really appreciate a pass…thank you!!

Claudia A. Yates-Timmons

I’d love 2 passes please!

2 tickets pls. This movie looks good

Cherryll Turner
Please, Please 2 passes

Yes would love passes for this. Thanks

I would love some passes please.


I would like a pass please.

Don’t know if I am too late but 2 tickets would be swell.

Would love some passes.

2 ticket’s please – Thank you!

2 passes please for the silver spring area

Sounds bitingly good

2 passes please. Thank you!

a pass for two in DC Metro area please

A different take on the story.. yes!!! Please 2 tix Please!!!!

This is gonna be soo dope. Holla

two tickets please please please! Silver spring

2 passes please. thank you!

2 passes please!!!

Would love to see the movie. 2 tickets please. Thank you!

2 tickets please

A pass for two… please

I would love to see this move!

Tiffany McKenzie-Freeman

Two tickets to Silver Spring Dracula screening.

Would love to get passes to this movie!

Id love tix

Would love two Silver Spring tickets please!

3 please. Hahajajajaja


And thank you!

Two please!

Passes Please

If any are left I’d like a pass. Thanks.

Nothing like a good vampire movie…overdue!

Two passes please


I will love to take my spouse out on a Vampire Date….

2 please & thanx!

movie looks great cant wait to get my passes for the screening finally a orgin story for one of the greatest villians

Clifton Bathersfield

I’ll take a couple as well

Id love tickets to this screening!!!!!!!!!

2 tickets please

I would love to go! Thank you 🙂

Would love to receive some passes! Thanks!

Love 2 passes at Silver Spring MD

I would like a ticket please!

Finally a different spin on Dracula! I would love to see this

*raises hand* for 2 please

want 2 passes

*raises hand*

Tickets Please 3 if you can

I like to have 2 tickets

Would love to have two tickets to see this! Please!

Two tickets please!

I would love a pair of passes please!

Justin Breitschopf

Two passes please

I am looking forward to this. ..different take on Dracula. .

Would love to see this 2 passes please

Two passes please

Would love 2 passes so me and Pamt can go!

2 passes please! Thank you.

2 tickets please!!

I would like two passes, please.

2 tickets would be awesome

I would love a ticket to this film!

2 tickets would be awesome please

Two tickets please. Thanks

2 passes please!!

2 Passes Please

Dying to see this!!

Tickets por favor 🙂

2 passes please 🙂

The Untold Story…YES

2 passes please I love Dracula

I would love 2 passes please I love Dracula

Yes Please – 2 tickets would be nice

1 pass please. thanks.

This sounds like a great movie. I hope my hubby and I can go

2 passes pls!

2 passes would be great!

2 passes please i must see this vampire movie seems to be closer to the true story!!!!!!

I would like 2 tickets, please.

Two tickets, I have to see!!!

I would like two tickets.

I would like two tickets, please.

Two tickets, please

Two passes

2 tickets please!!!

I love me some Dracula. 3 tickets please!

I would love to see this movie!!! I absolutely love vampires!!!!

Can I get a pass please?

Can I please have 2 tickets for the screening?
Thanks you for the consideration.

Can I please get 2 passes

A pass for two please! I would gladly make a donation of 2 pints to go!

Been waiting to see this movie since I saw the preview months ago. Can I get two tickets please?!


I would love to get tickets to this!

Would it be possible to get 3 passes; I have guests from out of town?

Wanna see this movie!!!!!

can I see the movie

Big movie buff, would love to see Dracula!!!

2 tickets please )~

Shacarra Chandler

previews look great would love to see it!

I would LOVE two tickets! Thanks!

Two tix pls

2 tickets please

Would love to see this, looks fantastic!

2 please, looks amazing

1 ticket please. this look so good.

Three passes please!!!! This looks really good!

Three passes please!!!! Really, would like to see this. Love the Count!

Please give me a ticket for two. Thanks.

Can I please get 2 tickets to Dracula tomorrow!!


2 tickets please

2 tickets please

Salena D Williams

Two tickets

Two tickets please

2 tickets

Whoa! Really? Would love a couple passes if any available.

Can I have two tickets please? I would love to see this movie 😀

I would love to see this movie. Been waiting to see a good Dracula movie.

i got to see this film. It looks like a realistic story of how Dracula came into existence. I would love 2 tickets…thanks

This is the horror movie of the year I would love to go

I’ve been waiting for this one! I am a fan of films about Dracula.

2 tickets for my twin and I please thx

I would like to request 2 passes, thank you City Vault!

would like to see can we get 2 passes please for my other half and I.

2 passes please would love to see!!

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