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The mission of the LOVE LAW PROJECT (LLP) is to change the world by being a constant reminder to #SpreadLoveAlways. In a world that tends to focus primarily on the negative we serve as a breath of fresh air. Showing and proving that true love; Love of self and Love of your neighbor can heal all.


How does it work?

Randomly select someone to be a recipient of a good deed. Preferably, someone you don’t know. This good deed should be performed without the expectation of receiving something in return. All we ask is that you provide them with a #LoveLawProject Card and tell them to #SpreadLoveAlways.


-Pay for someone’s groceries or order behind you in line.Love Law Project Card

-Cut your neighbor’s grass.

-Give a hot meal to someone in need.

-Give a hug to a stranger.

-Volunteer at a Boys & Girls club or Senior Home.

The opportunities to give back are endless.


How can I get a card?

There are two ways to receive a card:

-By being the recipient of a random act of kindness.

-Printing cards here.